Friday, December 31, 2010

As I embark

on attempting to post every day in January, with some sort of stitching or sewing project update, I've been organizing my sewing room.  Last weekend I sorted thru my stack of Pioneer Women Sewing Circle kits.  Each kit comes with a little story or background about quilting and piecing in pioneer times.  Also, each pattern comes with an idea for a 'make do' fabric.  The idea being that women didn't just go out and buy the necessary fabrics for a quilt, they created their quilts from what they had.  So, maybe all the blues wouldn't match in a doll quilt like this one.  The 'make do' suggestion for this was to replace some of the blue triangles with a similar blue fabric.  I did that.... but as is the way in my world... I actually LOST one of the 'make do' pieces and had to go back and use one of the original blues.  So, instead of 9 different colored star points, mine has 8.  That little 1 1/2 inch square later turned up in the washing machine!  I thought I'd looked everywhere..... guess not.  Must have stuck to my sleeve when I went to switch laundry around.  Darn laundry.  I used one of my favorite machine quilting stitches on this.... the wavy line. 

A little quilt like this can go anywhere.  Here it is trying to make itself at home on an old bench in the basement family room with some other quilty type stuff.  We'll see if it stays there.  I might like to put it where I can see it more since I love the fabrics. 

The next kit is a small quilt using log cabin blocks.  I haven't read the story so I'm not sure what this one will teach me. 

I also have all the installments of this row by row quilt.  I can't wait to get started on it. 
Look at all those wonderful kits just waiting for me.  I will go in order but I can already tell the row with the house, barn, and church is going to be my favorite.  (Knock on wood and all that other stuff.  Could turn out to be a construction nightmare.) 

As is always the case, there is more I hope to work on but I don't want to commit to more then I can realistically do.  Of course, as I've previously mentioned, I will be participating in the Crazy January Challenge. 

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's Eve.  Being the home bodies that we are, we'll be home with the kids having a quiet celebration. 

The Queen Bee

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