Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things you can do when

you let the UPS guy or the mail carrier bring most of your shopping right to your door! 

You can whip up this cute wall hanging,

make some progress on The Christmas Mantle,

and contemplate which of the Pioneer Women's Sewing Circle kits to pull out. ( More about this next month, when I am a full fledged copy cat and mimic Carol's '30 days of sewing' daily blog posts.) 

The only thing they don't do is wrap.  I've managed to keep up, so that job is done. 

I'm not free just yet.  Tomorrow I will need to work plus run a few other errands.  THEN I'll be free.  Free to cook, bake and prepare meals for days on end!  All in good fun.  My cupboards are over packed.  By Sunday I'll be making a new grocery list, I'm sure. 

I have one more pre-Christmas post planned so I'll save all the holiday wishes.....

The Queen Bee


  1. You're flying along on The Christmas Mantle!

  2. That Christmas Mantle piece is so cute, Pam--I've never seen that one before. And your wall hanging is darling. Hope your Christmas is delightful :)