Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here I go again.

The Boy Wonder got his acceptance letter to his first choice college.  Hurray.  Now I can clean out all those files from the other schools and start writing checks to Choice 1. 

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.  So kind of you.  I had a very nice day.  I didn't do any laundry or housework.  I read and sewed and puttered.  We had supper out at our favorite local restaurant and spent the evening watching DVR shows.  No complaints from me. 

One sewing room project yesterday was sorting my 15 projects for the January challenge.  That was quite a job.  Pulling threads, referencing what threads were in what kit because there were lots of duplicate colors, making a list of what was needed, going back to see what other kit had the threads and so on.  In the end I only need 3 over dyed colors and 4 DMC and one button pack!  Shocking.  There were patterns, threads, fabrics and lists spread out all over the place.  It's no wonder I ended up with 18 projects!  I'll have to think about how to handle that.  Maybe I'll start 15 then work the other 3 in as I finish things.  Or maybe, I'll nix a few as I get started.  I already know one that isn't going to be my favorite. 

Bent Creek's 'Christmas Mantel' is proving to be a real pain.  Anyone else working on it?  Last night I started stitching the last stocking in the line up.  I used one strand of perle cotton left from installment 1.  When that was gone I went into the thread pack from installment 2 but couldn't find the same color.  Instead there is a skein of DMC.  Huh?  Am I supposed to just substitute that instead?  That will look weird.  I'm resisting the urge to toss that project into the UFO pile.  Too much time and $$ invested just to turn my back.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.  I don't have a stash of perle cotton to pull from and think the stocking will look strange with one section in DMC.  Maybe my LNS has some in stock.  I can't remember if that's something they carry.  Gosh, too bad I'll need to make a stop there soon. 

Better get moving.

The Queen Bee


  1. Woo hoo! Yippee! and all that stuff! So happy for him, Pam! It is such a relief to know where he'll be settling in next fall. Congratulations!

    Sounds like your birthday was made even more special with news of his acceptance :)

  2. Good for him! At least he won't have to worry about choosing another school. I'm sure that would not have been an easy decision!