Sunday, December 19, 2010

This IS

what we made the kids get up for yesterday morning!  I LOVE going to cut the tree down.  The kids, however, would be happy to wake up much later on a Saturday and find the chore completed. 

Every year we drive to a tree farm on the tippy top of a hill just south of here and select our tree.  This year the weather was perfect.  A brisk 20', no wind, blue sky, and sunshine.  We've done this job, like a postman, in all kinds of weather.  Even so, it's still one of my favorite days. 

We prefer to trudge thru the snow and do the work ourselves.  No wagon rides for us.... although there was that one year it was windy, snowy, and below zero when we rode the wagon back to the barn.  We aren't totally insane!  This year we walked and best of all, the kids can lug the tree!!  That's Buttercup's shoulder in the bottom left.  No fool, is she.  She saw the other 2 had it under control.

Sorry, but indoor tree pictures aren't coming out.  We have it in our basement family room so there is almost no actual day light.  It does dress up the room, though.

Hope everyone is getting everything set for a fun and festive holiday.

The Queen Bee

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