Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I should have bought a lottery ticket

today when I went to the grocery store because today is my lucky day! 

 Does everyone know what this is?

Yup, a length of Gentle Art's thread.  Raspberry Frost, to be exact.  It goes to this piece....

Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. 

I found it on the garage floor over near the trash can this morning when I was putting soda cans in the car.  So, thanks to NYS's deposit law, I was walking past the back end of the car when I spied it on the floor.....less then 12 inches from the open garage door and the snowing  blowing world that would have eaten it alive and never given it back!

I haven't stitched on this since Monday.  Also, on Monday I carried a trash bag out to the garage.  Maybe the thread fell off my pant leg then, who knows.  I was in and out of the garage with the car 3 times on Tuesday so it's a miracle this thread didn't disappear into the great beyond. 

While the value of the thread is kind of small, you all know I would have been a crazed maniac trying to find it and if I made the trip to my LNS that would be the one color they didn't have.  Then, I'd be placing on order online.  And, naturally, since it seems silly to order just one little thread, I would have put a few other things in my cart.  Top it off with some shipping charges and it's become a pretty pricey piece of thread.  So, really, that one little length of thread just saved me $20 or $30 dollars by staying put on the filthy garage floor!

Lucky me. 

Back to work.  The Scholar comes home Friday so I need to get wrapping because once she's home I probably won't ever be in the house alone.

The Queen Bee


  1. Finding that small piece of thread was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for sure! Happy stitching :^)