Friday, December 31, 2010

I did finish

Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler this afternoon.  I stitched it on a piece of 32 count Days Gone By linen by Picture this Plus (I think.  I wrote the linen count and name on the pattern but not where the linen came from.  Oops.)  Such a nice piece.  It will go to the frame shop in January during the framing sale.  

I've had a few questions about The Mantle from yesterdays post.  What I didn't like was the 18 count fabric... too big and rough, or working with pearl cottons.  I'm not sure I knew that was the  fabric and threads when I ordered the kit.  I would have liked it better on nicer fabric with a higher count.  Other then that, it's not a bad piece.  I didn't put anything in the picture to give it good scale.... It's probably 18 by 10. 

And a final year end post..... One year ago, tomorrow, my husband joined the Y.  Never, ever in his life has he been a member of a health club.  He set out to run the 5K that The Boy Wonder runs Labor Day weekend.  He wasn't feeling quite ready for that after slacking on his gym attendance during the summer.  Well, today, these 2 boys of mine headed out bright and early to run the annual 'Holiday Blues' 5K.  No problem for the 18 year old kid.... or my 52 year old husband, for that matter.  Way to go! 

Here's to a healthy happy New Year!! 

The Queen Bee


  1. Beautiful finish! Happy New Year!

  2. Love your latest finish, Pam! And congratulations to the runners...Happy New Year :)

  3. Oh that makes sense, I hate big rough linen, LOL. Love Jenny Bean, it's so pretty.

    Congrats to your DH and son :-).

  4. Jenny Bean is so pretty! You really have been busy Pam! Good luck with the January Challenge...that is one challenge I'm not accepting LOL. Give a big "way to go" to DH. That is really admirable. Happy New Year to you and your family!