Sunday, July 10, 2011

Graduation celebrations continue.

 'tis the summer of graduation parties for this family.  The year the Scholar graduated we went to Spain forgoing graduation parties.  This year, and because our social circle includes so many of the Boy Wonder's friend's parents, we are at a party most every Saturday.

This week was our party.  What a fun time.  My in-laws are visiting.  Once I got thru with all the housework (which I hate and have to drag out over days and days because we have a well and can only do so much water running in a day) I could relax.  I find my husband's brother and sister to be the most enjoyable house guests.  They are easy, a pleasure to visit with, and best of all..... stay in a hotel.  Who can beat that?

We held our party in our back yard where the kids enjoyed the pool,

 got out of the sun for some fine dining in the barn (Dinosaur BBQ delivers!),
 the Scholar and her aunts and uncle found some space for some intellectual play,
  played volleyball,

and Kan Jam.  Anyone ever see that game played?  The Boy Wonder requested it because it had become a popular game at school.  We saw it played at a recent picnic.  I've gotta say.... I don't get it.  It certainly didn't seem all that exciting to me.  It made me think of something kids (young adults who are of legal drinking age) would play with one hand because they had a beer in the other.  I could see how the game could get a little more exciting if you only had one free hand and were concentrating on not spilling your beer.

The party was a huge success.  The Boy Wonder was appreciative and we ended ours early enough that people could get to other parties.  By 9 this morning we had our barn restored to order and most things put away in the house.  Now we can just  sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Under the heading of "Gotta Love 'em"...

Today all 3 kids have headed off to camp.  While packing everything in the Boy Wonder's car I found an unopened envelope with his name written in my hand writing. It was a nice blue envelope with tape stuck on it showing evidence of being taped to a package.  For the life of me I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be.  Let me tell you, I can't roll my eyes enough.  It was a card from LAST SUMMER.   Last summer, their first summer working at camp, I tried to send them a post card or a card every week.  Sort of reminiscent of when they were campers and I tried to send a card or email note every day.  I thought they'd feel left out when the mail came and other kids got mail.  So, being the ever conscious mother who didn't want to fuel their future therapy bill, I made sure they knew I was thinking of them. Notice how wrinkled it is.

The tape and lack of mailing address tells me I delivered it to camp...either one of the weeks I took Buttercup or the time I took home made cookies to share with all the counselors and a brown bag with his contact solution.  Nice to know they appreciate my efforts.  This year this is the only card they're getting!!

Now I'm off to make the most of my child free week.  Today I'll be hanging by the pool with my husband's siblings then, when work isn't filling my time, I'll be sewing.  Woot.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you ship everyone off to summer camp (including DH) and we can have a stitching weekend at your house! Just kidding of course, but your house looks awesome.

  2. Looks like a grand time was had by all, Pam! It's going to be awfully quiet around your house this week, but, for some reason (maybe my own personal experience!!), I think you're going to like it...Can't wait to see what creations all that extra stitching and quilting time produces :)

  3. Great weather, great guests, great kids...throw in some food and balloons and a pool and you've just had the perfect grad party! Glad it was so nice.