Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aaaaah, Mother's Day

Today I'm supposed to be lazy and not lift a finger. We'll see how that all works out but we're off to a pretty good start. There is still a lot of day left, though.

Anyway, here in upstate NY, the hummingbirds ALWAYS make their first appearance of the year on Mother's Day weekend. I was planning to catch them on their return and post a picture. I was ready with the feeder full and a hanging Fuchsia basket. Instead.... this is what I got....

First, the wind blew so hard yesterday (50mph) that all the food spilled out of the feeder, the flowers are in the garage to save them from being battered, and YES.... that's snow. Snow in early May isn't unheard of, just disappointing. Not much we can do but watch it.

Happy Mother's Day.

I'm off to sew.

The Queen Bee

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