Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new quilt.

Today I picked up this quilt from the long arm quilter. I posted a picture of this one just before taking it to be quilted on February 20th. And now here it is all finished (minus the binding)....with a little help from the cat. Anyone who has a cat knows that once they decide they're going to be part of the action they aren't going to leave. She looks like she's about to jump at something but that is really her 'I dare you' look. She's daring me to make her move. I'm not even going to fight her, otherwise she'll think this quilt is something special and won't ever leave it alone.

It is gray and miserable outside again. I saw Loons on the lake..... something I've never seen before. I bet it's too cold up in the mountains where they usually summer. They're probably just stopping by until it warms up. I wish I'd had my camera.

Now I'm off to see which sewing project is calling my name.

The Queen Bee


  1. Cute kitty and beautiful quilt! I like the colors. You defiantly do not want the kitty to take possession of the quilt.

  2. Nothing compliments a quilt quite like a cat sitting on it. My cats have a sixth sense that alerts them any time I so much as think of working with anything involving fabric, and then they're all over it. Quilt and kitty are both darling.

  3. What a beautiful quilt (and that kitty is pretty darn cute, too!)...

    Miserable week weather wise here, too... Of course, it is going to be a lovely, sunny day on Saturday and I have to work--never fails :) I love loons--they always remind me of our yearly week spent at a lake in Ontario when I was growing up...

  4. Very beautiful quilt. And the cat knows that, too. Lol.