Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project purse

I have been making purses. The first is called Bow Tucks Bag. I made another one this past winter. Once you know the process it goes together pretty quickly. I don't care for the button but that's an easy fix once I find one I like better.

This second bag is kind of small, but I just loved the handle. It comes off the bag so I can make as many as I want using the same handle. I have fabric for a more springy looking one. This one matches my winter coat.

I took pictures of my latest quilt finish but they turned out terrible. I'll string you along with promises of fresh pictures soon.

Until then, I'm off.

The Queen Bee


  1. How pretty! I love all the inside pockets.

  2. Love the project bags. They are one of my favorite stitching assessories. May I offer a suggestion for future bags? Your top bag, you put in the pockets. Do exactly what you did but one of my bags has clear plastic fabric that is trimmed. This way you can see all the stuff you put into the pocket. I am not sure how hard the plastic stuff is to work with but the bag is wonderful. I have had a couple of talented ladies take this idea for their future projects.

  3. Love the purses! Where did you find the pattern?