Monday, May 3, 2010


Lee has resurrected the Stitching Bloggers Question. This month she asks if we're a project or a process stitcher. At first I would have said a process stitcher but, in reality, I think I am a project stitcher. The fact that I can start a project and stitch my way thru it without quiting seems to point in that direct. I generally have more then one project going at a time but that's more a function of having more then one stitching location then being bored with something.

I have an upstairs and a downstairs stitching chair. In each location I have a major project. I also have a SAL project and sometimes a project where I receive a part each month. I like to try to keep up with those so I'll pick those up as each installment arrives. Also, I'm prone to start something that is related to the holiday or season we're experiencing at the time. I still finish the project then go back to the main project I was working on before taking a temporary break.

Can't wait to watch Lee's comments to see who else has posted and what they have to say.

The Queen Bee

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