Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lap Frame

Here is the lap frame I recently bought from Images Stitchery Design. It's called The Lap-Stitch Doodler Frame.

I need to start stitching at least a few things in a frame instead of holding them in my hand. To test it out I started this SB pattern. I have Q-snaps and a scroll frame with a floor stand. Neither seem to work for me. The appeal of this one is the ease in which I can flip it over to end or start a thread from the back. I don't have to unclamp anything. The down side is that when it's on my lap it is still too far away from my face. I've had some luck holding it one way or another so I can work with a hand on top and a hand behind the fabric. It works really well on a table top but that is rarely how I stitch.

This particular model has 3 different scroll bars (12, 15, & 18 inches). You do have to stitch your fabric to the leader on the scroll, but that was simple. I just used a long stitch on my sewing machine. When I'm ready to take it off I'll use a seam ripper to pull the thread out. In theory I could mount a different project on each set of scroll bars and just put it on the frame when I want to work on it. In reality, I doubt I'll do that. Maybe if it was the only way I could work on something I'd try that, but for now having one piece mounted is enough.

I'm going to take Lee's advice and make it work otherwise my hands will give out before my will to cross stitch ever does.

The Scholar is in Mexico City working at a day camp for 2 weeks. So far she reports that things are going well, she's in charge of arts and crafts and that they've had some 'cool' food. Wish I was there.

Carol.... Holiday Express is about 12X24.

I'm off.

The Queen Bee

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