Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A cute little finish

I finally managed to finish Country Cottage Needleworks 'Pie Menu'.  The boarder took longer then I expected..... isn't that always the way? 

We've been getting ready for Thanksgiving.  The Scholar is home, The Boy Wonder and Buttercup are on break, and food has been shopped for.  Tomorrow I will begin the cooking.  It will just be the 5 of us around the dining room table, but I like that.  It makes for a nice quiet weekend before the really busy holiday activities shift into full swing. 

I don't have much by way of Thanksgiving decorations.  I just let the Halloween stuff carry thru until it's time to decorate for Christmas.  I do put away the more whimsical stuff and leave the more primitive things out.  
I generally save this cute Silver Needle Secret Needle Night piece until after Halloween.  It includes the cutest pumpkin pie button.
After Thursday I'll start decorating for Christmas.  It's such a crazy busy time of year.  Every club, group, organization, etc wants to have a celebration of some sort.  It's hard to keep up some days.  And, of course, there are the 'anti helpers' like this little she devil. 

I had to stop what I was doing 4 times yesterday to clean up her messes.  Anyone who has a cat knows that sound.... that sound that means there will be a mess right in the middle of the living room carpet.  Ugh.  Each time I went to clean up the mess I wondered where the heck she'd found rubber bands to eat.  My kids don't know a home without a cat, so they know you can't leave rubber bands around.  Then..... as I was doing the dishes I happened to catch this sight.....

Oh, not rubber bands.  The stinker. 

Hope all my US readers have a great Thanksgiving.

The Queen Bee

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  1. Oh I know that kitty cat sound well. Love it in the miidle of the night 'cuz you never know what surprises you will wake to in the morning. One kitty recently did it on a pile of library books which I caught early and was able to clean up. Nothing is sacred. Hope you had a good T-day!