Monday, November 15, 2010

Seeking opinions

on an exchange gift.  For my quilt guild Christmas exchange we are to make a small gift costing around $5.  We are supposed to adhere to that price, which can be hard if you're just digging things out of your stash.

Anyhow, at our last meeting someone brought, as a show'n'tell, cloth napkins that can be folded like a Christmas tree.  Very clever and easy to make.  I thought that would make a good gift item.  So, today I dug thru my fabric to see what Christmas fabrics I could come up with.  I had 6 fat quarters from a bundle purchased a few years ago.  Each napkin takes 2 fat quarters.  Since I didn't have more then 1 fat quarter of each fabric, none of my napkins are the same.  So, here's where I need help.....  would giving 2 that aren't the same, but compliment each other be ok?  I was leaning towards the 2 with the green/black combo.  (There's something about that 3rd one that makes me want to go back and refold and repress it, but for this exercise it will be ok.)

They can also be refolded to feature the other fabric.  I tried that with each and thought this was the best way.  If you click the pictures you can get a close up look at the fabrics. 

I have a couple yards of fabric with Jim Shore Santas that would work well, but I'd need to purchase complementing fabrics.  I also think the Jim Shore fabric is more my style and think I'll make napkins for myself. 

Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. 

The Queen Bee

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  1. I think napkins with different but complementary fabrics would be fine. It sounds like a nice gift.