Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new start

I started Bent Creek's new Christmas piece:  The Christmas Mantle.  Besides being partial to Christmas stockings, I thought it was neat that the piece had 5 stockings... the right number for my family.  I haven't received the second installment but I've seen it online.  I'm hoping to keep up with this and have it done by Christmas. 

Life will settle down after swimming and cross country sectionals are over this weekend.  While The Boy Wonder is between seasons  he'll be appearing in the school's production of 'The Crucible'.  He's never once shown any interest in being in a school play so this will be fun to see.  

The Scholar got her passport... phew.   Just in the nick of time because the trip organizer has an appointment in NYC Friday to get the visas and she needs the passports in hand.  We still have a few more hoops to jump thru to get this semester abroad set.  Maybe the stress created by all this red tape will make me so relieved to have everything in place that I won't spend the next 5 months worried about her being so far away.  Here's hoping, anyhow. 

Snow has arrived in Western NY.  I took a picture on Halloween afternoon but it didn't come out.  I was on the screened in porch and the camera focused on the screen, instead of the snow.  We had our last snow of the year on Mother's Day in May.  Gotta love the snow to live in these parts.

I'm off,

The Queen Bee

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  1. I think this piece is adorable...lucky you that you have just enough stockings!

    Our kids sure do keep us busy many ways!
    I know what you mean about worrying with your daughter out of the country....3 of mine are in college here and I still worry...I tell them the W in my middle initial stands for WORRY (lol)

    We're supposed to get a little snow tonight. I love the first one but when it's still hanging around in March... not so exciting, right?

    Have fun with The Christmas Mantle...