Sunday, November 28, 2010

What the heck...

..... I'll join.  The Crazy January Challenge 2011, that is.  You've probably already read about it.  The idea is fairly simple.  On each of the first 15 days of January, start a new cross stitch project.  The challenge part is to complete those 15 projects within 2011. 

Sounds like fun even though I don't normally like having that many things started.  The idea has appeal, though, because I like to finish what I start and because it makes me feel like I have less stash if I've actually started things. 

The down side is that I will have to accept the fact that the rest of my stash isn't going to get stitched any time soon.  Right this minute, every single pattern has a fair chance of getting stitched 'next'.  There is no chance any of them will get started once they don't make the January line up.  It's always possible I'll pick something to start despite having a number of things in the works, but doubtful. 

Then, the question arises as to what to do with my current WIP's.  I will try to finish the 2 current WIP's by the end of 2010, but there are no guarantees.  Especially Bent Creek's Christmas Mantel.  That's a big one. 

I am not planning to post a list of the 15 projects.  I've been following Carol's 30 days of sewing blog posts this month and thinking I'd do the same thing in January.  Since it's just something she created there aren't really any rules.  The 2011 January challenge will give me plenty of post opportunities so I should be able to fill the full month. 

I've pulled a few potential projects.  I'm trying to think about the size, the necessary supplies, and the season of each piece.  Realistically I can only stitch a couple big pieces a year so I need to mix mediums and smalls together.  Then I'd like to pick a few from each season..... Christmas, winter, spring, summer, fall, etc.  I would also prefer to NOT go on a big shopping spree to buy ALL the supplies.  Obviously, I need the fabrics and a few threads to get started.  I have a dozen or more patterns kitted up so they'll be first in line during the selection process.  My birthday is in December and a few online stores will send coupons and ABC Stitch is having a big cyber Monday sale so if I get busy picking soon I might have to do a little shopping.  Just a wee little bit

First, we're off to replace 2 of the kids' broken cell phones, do a little shopping around the mall now that there should be a lull in the shopping frenzy, and see the Scholar off to College Town.  3 more weeks and we'll be moving her home again.  Time sure does fly.

The Queen Bee

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