Friday, November 26, 2010

This won't be me today.

No way, no how.  Back when I used to shop for toys and bargains, I remember sitting in the lobby of Walmart on the Friday after Thanksgiving waiting for it to open.... in the day light!  That was before the world went crazy.

So, what I'll be doing today is shopping online.  Not a lot, just a little, but I bet it takes me just as long as if I'd driven to the store, waded thru the mobs, waited in line, and driven home.  If the whole world is at the mall, why can't I get online?? 

On the upside..... now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start decorating for Christmas.  I promise not to change my blog background everyday.  Back before I had a blog I looked forward to getting to use all those great backgrounds.... now I'm just happy one of them finally works right!  I might change it part way into December to mark a special day, but no guarantees.  I tried a dozen and a half other backgrounds before I found one that worked.  Took forever given the rate the Internet is working today. 

Hope everyone had a nice dinner yesterday.  I found a new sweet potato recipe that gets 2 thumbs way up from the 2 of us that like sweet potatoes.  It had cranberries in it.  So delicious. 

Ok, back to shopping. 

The Queen Bee

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