Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's good to be two people....

First off... no post is complete without a picture so here is today's.  Has anyone ever seen this needlepoint of Key West?  It hangs in the art museum in Key West.  It's easily 8 X 10 feet.  I'd certainly need to be 2 people to create that! (I really didn't have a picture today so I went back thru and when I spied this one I knew it fit the title.)

So, anyhow, the title..... a number of years ago my parents were assembling a piece of furniture... a bookcase or tv cabinet, I don't remember what.  It was one of those things that comes in a flat box and needs assembling.  The badly translated instructions said:  it's best to be 2 people.... We thought that was funny but somehow it really fits. 

Today for example..... my husband is away.... again... not that I'm counting or anything but that's like 4 times in 6 weeks... and I have to work tonight.  Buttercup's swim team is having a dinner... and again, not that I'm counting but this is the 3rd celebration of the end of the season.... come on now, enough already.... and I'll be at work.  So, The Boy Wonder will step in to be our household representative.  He'll stop by the dinner between cross country practice and play practice.  He'll have to slip away from play practice to run Buttercup home then head back over to school.  We live in an absolutely enormous (mile wise) school district... I once heard it's the largest in the state.... so there just aren't people who can run your kid home because it's possible they have 15 miles in their own direction to go.  So, tonight, it would be good to be 2 people so I could be in 2 places at once. 

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