Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes.

Alas, no pictures today, however I was entertained by the 50 or so 3rd graders that came to tour my court room and listen to the judge explain what happens in court.  The kids sat, listened and asked questions.  And, questions they asked!  Clearly they've been influenced by TV.  A common thread was about how fast someone would be sent to jail, how long they might be there and if they would have a lawyer.  One little guy put his hand up and said something like this...... say a 7 year old, not me, did something really bad, would he get an attorney?  We answered... then he proceeded to tell us what he did that got him an attorney.  Lucky for us his teacher was very quick and stopped him!  The adults saw it coming and were freezing our expressions just in case.  TMI moment averted.   Hopefully they learned something and they've made their one and only visit to a court room. 

So, I've done my civic duty for the day.  Think I'll go read.

The Queen Bee

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