Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best invention ever....

if you have to give your pet a pill.  Our kitty is suffering some tummy upset and needs to take a pill twice a day for 2 weeks.  She's no fool when it comes to hiding a pill inside she suffers a very restricted diet of NO people food.

What a life saver.  She's not as easy as our 'old man' cat to give pills to.  I'm happy to say (sort of) that she even wakes me up in the morning begging for a treat.  Knock on wood she won't figured out what's buried inside these moist little snacks.  There's even a dog version, but I think dogs might be a little easier then cats.  I know ours tended to gulp things.... like a little wad of cheese or something covered in peanut butter. 

Lest you think I'm here only for pet care advise.... I'm not.  I just wish I'd known about these things before we wrestled that poor kitty's mouth open half a dozen times. 

As proof, I have a little progress picture to show....remember this Block of the Month? 
I received the first installment this very week and stitched it up quick as can be.  It helps that I made a quilt a couple years ago from the same designer so I'm familiar with their patterns and methods. 
Such a fun quilt.  Now, let's see if I can stay on track with the rest of the months. 


  1. oooo those are a good idea :0 and oooo love that quilt :) love mouse xxxcx

  2. Love the quilt, the style and the colours!

    I'm a bit behind on commenting, so just wanted to say congratulations on finishing the CCN design and I'm glad that the thread matched OK :)

    We've had no problems giving our cats pills - provided the pills are ground up and mixed with tinned tuna LOL. (Not giving advice, just sharing what works for us :) )

  3. My cats love greenies teething treats. I'll have to remember these if I have to give them pills.

    What a fun farmhouse quilt.

  4. Once I take the pill pocket out of the bag, I have *seconds* to put the pill in or Stella starts barking at me to give her the damn treat already. She's totally addicted to the duck flavor. Sometimes if she's really good I give her an empty one, just because she's got such a cute face!