Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's to become of my poor

neglected blog?  I've thought up one post after another but then discard them as too frivolous.  I even wrote an entire post but then wasn't happy with my picture so I deleted it.  Or, in the case of another post, I abandoned the idea when what I wanted to blog about was open to comments I didn't really want to read.

My solution is to say this out loud, or blog it as the case may be... I'm going to post something EVERYDAY for the next week.  Hold on to your seats for some fun...or so you don't fall out when you fall asleep out of sheer boredom.  Ha.  Go with it.  Maybe I'll finally show pictures of what I've been working on... because there really has been sewing and stitching, not just graduation partying.

First, however, let me show you this stolen , ahem, I mean borrowed picture and exchange that I've signed up for.  After all, Carol said I could blog about it.  It's just a minor technicality that I never asked if I could use the picture.  (Plus I think it came from somewhere else.  I'm sure if she minds I'll be severely reprimanded and have to remove it or change it to a picture of my own.)

The exchange is called Santa Sack Swap 2. 

Carol of Carol's Crafty Creations is hosting a Christmas exchange.  Here are the details. Since I've about exhausted all the challenges I can find, I'm moving on to exchanges.  If it sounds like fun, sign up.  Maybe we'll be partners.

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