Thursday, July 28, 2011

My friend

Robin says I can't post every day then JUST STOP!  Oops.  The whole point of making myself post every day last week was to get back into the mode of posting more frequently.  I do love it when people commit to an entire month of posting.  I like knowing there will be something to read even when it's not craft related.  Let's face it, there aren't too many of us who can craft and create that fast. 

I don't have a real long list of blogs I read so I start to get to know the people who write what I read.  Some are even people I know in real life so their blog is even more interesting.  Even the mundane, seemingly boring stuff is fun to read. 

So, here goes.... a post with no real sewing, stitching or reading value.... however.... I will post a picture that includes myself....something I have, to date, never done. 

Yesterday Robin and I went to a town about 30 miles away with a quilt shop.  They do wonderful long arm quilting.  Robin had taken a quilt that was ready and I wanted to take one.  First, I sewed like a mad women for 3 straight afternoons until I HAD a quilt to take, then we jumped in the car and headed off. 

Several things show you how sloppy my blogging has become....
1. I have no photos of the quilt, and
2.  I never even thought to bring my camera. 

Luckily Robin had hers, although we didn't even think to take pictures until we stopped at a LOVELY winery on the way home for lunch. 

This way cool tree was just inside the door of the restaurant.....

then the beautiful view we enjoyed from our table on the deck. 

 So, maybe I've distracted you from the fact that I didn't take pictures of anything made by me...

or the bottles of wine I purchased... 

I guess we'll just have to go back and retrace our steps while I have a camera in hand....

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  1. That is a way cool tree! Wonder if my husband would do that at Christmas time - of course, I'd have to get started drinking to get that many bottles in time!

    Very nice picture of you!!