Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's a girl to do

on the hottest day of the year?

This?                                 Nope.

 How about this?     (Well, Ok. I did do that, but not until after 3 1/2 hours of doing.....
this.  Yup.  From scratch.  All the way from scratch....which means I made the crusts, too.  2 cherry crumb (I pitted each and every cherry), a blueberry/peach crumb, and a Nestle's Toll House pie. 
First I went for an early morning doctor's appointment, then to work, then to BJ's where I loaded up on over sized, extra heavy packages of food and drink, then came home and baked.  Crazy, I know.  The weatherman is, right this second, saying that we haven't had a day this warm since 1998.  And, we don't have AC... just some window units that are working extra.  But, duty calls and pies were the item of the day.  They should fetch a good price at our church rummage & pie sale. 

So, are you bored with my post a day?  Today is a two-fer.  Just your lucky day, I guess.  Oh, maybe tomorrow I'll show you the way cute glasses (of the drinking variety)  I bought at BJ's.  They have flip flops on them.... and they're glass, not plastic.  Such simple pleasures.


  1. I was baking today, too, Pam! Are we crazy or what doing that in this heat...your pies look amazing. How on earth can you keep yourself from digging in!?

  2. OMG... I have SUCH a weakness for pies... they look delish! Can't wait to "see" (ha ha) your new glasses. I just picked out new RX glasses last night- can't wait to get them!

  3. I'm coming over with ice cream!