Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday.....

who doesn't like Friday.  I'm off to set up for the aforementioned church rummage sale.  No AC there, either.  I'm a glutton of punishment, I guess.  Knock on wood I find a bargain that makes all this work a little more fun.

I finally finished sewing the binding on this quilt.  This is the original, unquilted picture. 

 And, here it is all quilted enjoying a moment in the sunshine....

If you click the picture you can get a closer look at the quilting.  It's just a flowing flowery pattern in a variegated thread.  It enhances the quilt pattern nicely. 

I first blogged about this quilt here.  It was so fun and easy to make.  The original pattern was posted by Rachel last summer as a weekly project.  (She posted 1 step per week for 4 weeks.) You can find her tutorial here.  Scroll down to the postage stamp quilt.  She called for 2 jelly rolls, a plain and a patterned.  Mine used a little more of each since I made mine a little bigger.  Now, every time I see a fabric I like I want the jelly roll so I can do this quilt again.  Fun and easy despite the overall look of tedium.  Like many quilts, larger pieces are sewn together then recut and sewn again.... so I never really handled a 2 1/2 inch square.  Anyone who thinks they'd like to quilt but can't imagine sewing all those pieces could do this one and safely call themselves a quilter.

Still no picture of my way cute flip flop glasses.  They're currently in the dishwasher. Tomorrow?  We'll see.  Possibly the suspense keeps you coming back. 


  1. Love the quilt!! Great colors!

  2. oooo love the colours on your quilt and shame no glasses again love mouse xxx

  3. I really love your quilt - the colours are pretty and I like the tiny squares!