Saturday, December 21, 2013

A day at home...

mostly.  I am excited to have a day around the house.  I do have a brief outing planned first thing this morning but after that....lock the doors.  I'm not leaving.

The question of the do you know you REALLY like a pattern? 

You buy it twice!  Once online, but the order takes so long you forget, then you go to your some-what local cross stitch shop and buy it again.  

On the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue was in that order.  Bet a second issue shows up because things are coming in pairs these days.

I'm scared to tell you there are only 4 days left. 



  1. I am more or less ready, so tell me, tell me!! ;)
    Glad you got the mag finally.

  2. Enjoy your day at home--I'm baking all day. Trying to chase away this rain!! Glad the JCS issue finally made its way to your house :)