Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Go big or go home.

So, go big it was. 

Every year we head up the hill into the clouds and down along a seasonal road that has no business being open in December to find our perfect tree.  It's an adventure that fuels our litany of family stories.  No matter how we plan, it will be the worst weather day of the season.

This year it was just cold out.  It's possible it will be the coldest weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas but it's too soon to tell.  I think it was 24'.

We headed off to this grove of trees while commenting that we'd never been in this section of the tree farm.  Wonder why?  Oh, wait.  I see.  Look how tall the trees are. 

But it was cold.  And this tree was just beautiful.  Shame on me...I didn't take a picture before it was cut.  I was doing my job of holding onto branches so it fell in the direction we wanted.

It was 13 feet in the field.  11 feet in this picture.  We eventually trimmed about a foot off that spiky top.

For love or money, I can't take a picture of a decorated tree that would look like anything.  So, here it is with the light shining through.  It's a beaut. 

14 days.



  1. That is a pretty tree! And huge!

  2. You really do have festive sized Christmas Tree!
    We do just go to our "back yard" forest and cut the tree we like do not cost anything because the forest is on our land.But we do not go far from house because there is Brown Bears and wolfes in these wild woods..

  3. You need a tall tree for those beautiful high ceilings and this one looks perfect!