Sunday, December 22, 2013

Meet the boys.

Did anyone wonder why, on Friday, I said things were coming in pairs?  Or about the errand I had planned for Saturday morning? the boys.  

Cooper is super affectionate.  You MUST use both hands to pet him.  One just isn't enough.

Murphy is very loving but doesn't cuddle with the same zeal.

They are 2 year old brothers adopted from the local humane society. 

I simply could not live without a cat (or two) for another day.  Until our last kitty died, I'd never been without a cat in my adult life.  We were seeing how it felt but it wasn't working.  I wanted two so they would have each other for company.  Most often, we had two cats which was nice.

They were owned by a young man who felt it was OK to abandon them when he moved.  Luckily, someone cared enough to take them to the humane society where they were the favorite resident cats.  It made the staff very happy that we adopted both of them.

Their previous owner, while irresponsible, treated them OK.  They LOVE my son.  They both latched onto him immediately.   Oh, the purring. 

While I know it might have been a good idea to wait until after the chaos of the holiday, we also thought that having 2 weeks with people in the house would be good for them. 

It should be a fun time.

3 days! 



  1. They are sweet. Rescue kitties are the best :)

  2. God bless you for rescuing them! What a blessing for you all. =)

  3. Oh, the best Christmas present ever!! I am so jealous, Pam... Love both Cooper and Murray, but you know I have a soft-spot for black cats :) Things should be very interesting with them in the mix with your Christmas tree--enjoy!!

  4. awwwww they are adorable and good luck hope the tree stays up in one piece :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. I agree - always like to be home for an extended time with a new pet. Sounds like a Merry Christmas for everyone all 'round.

  6. Congratulations on the new kitties! They are gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas!!

  7. You did it! We got a kitten 2 weeks ago and it's quite an adventure. Cheddar kitty hates him! Sheldon has way too much energy and is bouncing off the walls half the time. So glad you adopted the brothers. Merry Christmas Pam!

  8. How exciting! Both chaps looks adorable, I bet they're very welcome additions to your home :)
    Best wishes.

  9. Adorable and so very lucky to have you!