Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crafting ornaments.

Crafting rarely reaches beyond my sewing room but this year we've been bitten by some sort of crafting bug.  First the gingerbread houses, then a wreath...now what? 

Buttercup enjoys origami.  She's been known to entertain herself at a restaurant making itty bitty cranes from the papers used to wrap the silverware in the napkin. 

Our church recently got new hymnals so we brought a couple of the old ones home to use to make some Christmas ornaments.

They are a nice addition to our gigantic tree.  (I'm not kidding.  Tomorrow I will elaborate.)   

15 days.  I'm only a little scared. 



  1. That is an awesome idea! Love it.
    And I am VERY scared.

  2. Nice origami! Good idea to use a hymnal. I am trying not to look at the calendar, because I'm not ready for Christmas yet!!

  3. Very neat idea!
    Happy Belated Birthday. After the initial shock, 50s aren't bad. Getting ready to see about the next decade - doesn't seem possible!

  4. Wonderful origami bird ornaments! They look great on the tree!!

  5. Hello Queen Bee ! I just found Your lovely blog via Crols "Stitching Dreams" -You have done lots of Christmas crafting yet and I really liked Your Prairie Schooler stitching!!!
    Greetings from Snowy Finland from the Northest part of Europe !! ;Maija

  6. The cranes are so delicate and pretty--perfect for a Christmas tree! And that's a great way to recycle the old hymnals :)