Wednesday, December 18, 2013


At a Christmas store I found this tree that I thought would help display some of my favorite cross stitch ornaments.

I snapped a couple pictures but I have to admit that I do not remember the details of these first 2 ornaments.

I almost never work over one.  This little cutie needed to be stitched over one, though.    Love those little snowmen faces.

This was a little kit that stitched up in one sitting.  I love it.  Such a simple design.

I received this cutie in an exchange with Barb.  I had never seen this design or the sleds.  So sweet.

In the same exchange Carol stitched this little Christmas sampler ornament.  Such delicate little stitches.

I haven't stitched many ornaments this year.  My Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue went MIA.  Our mailman is extremely unreliable. I imagine it got delivered to someone else along my road.  They probably didn't even look to see that it was a magazine meant for someone else. I bet it went straight into their recycling bin with all the other crap that lands in our mailboxes.  I've ordered it online twice but it has yet to show up. I could go on about how several online cross stitch shops are really bad about letting you know the status of your order but I bet you already know.   I saw it at Joann's after ordering it the first time but didn't buy it just in case it was on its way.  Then I checked my credit card statement and saw that I hadn't been charged yet so I looked for it at Joann's again.  Naturally, it was gone.  I'm not looking too hard or else I'll end up with 3 copies.  It will turn up someday.  

7 days.  1 full week.  



  1. Your ornaments look awesome! Sorry to hear about your dilemma with the christmas ornament issue. Hopefully you get it and can stitch some up for next year.
    Happy Stitching

  2. Love that little tree, Pam! And it's so nice to see a few close-ups of the stitched ornaments. It was such a fun exchange, wasn't it? Hope you can find that missing issue soon--there are some cute things in it this year.

    Seven days and counting--you're doing great :)

  3. Such adorable ornaments! Sure hope your magazine shows up soon!

  4. Your ornament tree looks fantastic!