Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Mystery update

I got a quick start on Bonnie's newest clue on Friday when I had to cut out of work early and go pick Buttercup up at school.  She landed herself in the nurse's office.  She spent the day on the couch and I cut fabric.

I really thought I'd whip this clue out in no time flat.  Ha.

For the smaller quilt I need to cut 200 of each rectangles, yellow squares and neutral squares.
From that we will make 100 Chevron blocks.

They're scrappy so the fabric piles are all jumbled up.  I made one sample block to see what the process would be.  See it in the middle of the above picture?

 So, I've managed about 60 pairs with the neutral square sewn on.  It's a cute little block that will just take a couple more hours at the machine.  I'm hoping maybe I'll have a little time by Wednesday or Thursday.

16 and counting.



  1. Very pretty--this step has a lot of sewing!

  2. Your fabrics are pretty. I'm trying to remind myself to enjoy the process. lol

  3. Looks like just the thing to keep you busy during a not-so-busy month, Pam--ha ha!! Love the colors--sure hope your daughter is feeling better soon...

  4. Bonnie's clues are generally never described as something you can do in "no time flat" thanks for the chuckle!

  5. persistance! It will be great. Love the scrappiness.

  6. Your chevrons are looking good. Every pair is one less and soon you will be at 100 -- done. I'm counting mine too.