Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the 3rd day

of my 25 days of Christmas I don't have anything Christmas-like.  Instead I think I'm bleary eyed after a very intense swim season.  The mothers of the seniors have a lot of responsibilities.  Last night was the grand finale.  The banquet.  Planned and organized by me...the only mother of the only senior.

So, plan and organize I did.  My final job was the cake.  I got balloons to go along.  I got there early to finish the set-up and snap pictures.  Then I got home and reviewed the photos and wondered how you know if you've been reading Cake Wrecks too long.

I don't know.  You tell me.

It's spelled right so don't waste your time but how about those 'balloons'?

 I need more sleep.

22 days.



  1. Congratulations Pam to you and your swimmer.
    Even though it's a lot of work, you are appreciated for making the day a special one.

  2. Wow--just think of all those hours you've spent cheering your kids on as they swim! I'm sure you put together a perfect end-of-the-year celebration, Pam!

  3. I'm sure it took a ton of work and planning ~ congrats to you and your swimmer!

  4. Another season over! Atta girl! And yeah...I get where you're going with the cake. But it's just a tiny bit wreckish.