Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just barely, but I made it.

Phew.  I almost didn't get a post up today.  When I say there are 6 days left, it's really 5 1/2. 

I spent a whole lot of time in the car today.  My regular weekly life is a full time job so add the extras that go along with Christmas preparations and the day is over flowing. 

Most recently I have been concentrating on food.  Planning more than preparation at this point.

I love to get out all my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and start browsing.  My ipad is out because I have a couple on there.  My grocery list is long and detailed. 

I keep forgetting to photograph this Santa I recently bought from a women who was making them to sell at a craft fair.

He is made from an old quilt someone gave her to use as a cutting quilt.  

From the back you can see the quilt was a Dresden Plate.  I just don't think I could do that.  I don't think I could cut into an old quilt.  I like the Santa so I guess I am glad someone else can.

6 days. 



  1. I like your Santa too. I have an old quilt top I got very, very cheap years ago, planning to cut it up. Just can't do it yet!

  2. Cute Santa ~ don't think I could cut into a quilt either....perhaps it was beyond saving and this was a way to save pieces of it?