Thursday, December 5, 2013

An interesting series

of events ends in confirmation that we'll be doing this once again next fall.

The acceptance came so fast we can't believe it. In fact, we held back and didn't believe it for a few days.

Not that we ever doubted we'd be off to college with Buttercup in the fall of 2014 but now we know where.  Barely 48 hours after submitting her Common App we got an email with an acceptance to our first choice school.   An email.  With a YouTube clip giving us the news.

We've been down this road.  Twice in the recent past.  What you do is send your stuff off into a black hole and forget about it.  And that was under the new-ish 'early decision' process.  You wait a month to six weeks for the schools with a 'rolling' admissions policy to send a fat envelope or a thin envelope.  State schools didn't get their acceptances out for months. When the envelopes finally started to show up parents spent half the day trying to read through the envelope...or like a couple friends I know...carefully opening the envelope before their high school seniors finally made an appearance after a long day of school and sport's practice.  

This time we got an email from one school and a hand written note card from another.  Go figure.  I'm still holding out for the envelope the YouTube clip promised.

It is awesome to know that we are finished with the whole process as fast as that.

She will be going to a university about 2 hours away in a program where she'll attend for 5 years and graduate with her master's degree.  Or maybe 4 years if we can plan ahead and get all those college credits earned in high school to work for us.

Such an exciting time.  The thrill of getting that email less than 24 hours after receiving one saying they got her application but that they were still missing information.  They concluded by saying to expect to wait four weeks for news.  Guess not.

I'm only a little bit panicky.  We watch the show 'The Middle' and last week's episode was a rerun of the season premier where they took Axl off to college.  Uh oh. I don't want to be in that spot quite yet. However,  I've done it before...I'll do it again.  This time my nest will be empty.  That will take some getting used to.  I think that's part of why I was dreading this birthday.  Our youngest graduates high school and starts college while I'm 50.  That's one thought I held on to while I was 40.  I told myself to enjoy my 40's because I was going to finish raising my kids during that decade.

Time marches on.

In the mean time I need to get my shopping lists organized and GET BUSY.

Only 20 days to go.



  1. YAY!! So glad she got the news so soon--congratulations!! That is a huge relief to have off her mind (and yours!) you can enjoy the rest of her senior year... Sounds like a great program :) Don't you love "The Middle"--such a great family show!

  2. Congratulations on Buttercup's acceptance! My oldest & middle will start college before I turn 50. It scares me to death. Of course, DS starting HS scared me quite a bit too!

  3. Congratulations on Buttercup's admission. What a relief to know and a wonderful Christmas gift!
    My youngest of 4 graduates from college this year...I have no idea where the time has gone.

    Thinking about an empty nest makes me sad in some ways.
    I had 4 children in 5 years so......everything happens one right after the other.
    The main thing is that they are all HAPPY and NICE people.

  4. Congrats to your daughter!! So exciting! Bittersweet, I know, but so exciting!

  5. That's great! Email me...I can't remember what her first choice was. I remember well how nervous we were to see if Claire was accepted at her first choice school. She couldn't look so I did. It was a great way to start our day!