Tuesday, December 22, 2015

As we close in on the final countdown post

I am just a few short stitches away from finishing two items.  Maybe the suspense will keep you coming back....

In the meantime I have already started mentally preparing my next project.  I can't possibly be alone in this, right?  The irony is that I almost never actually start the one project I've been dreaming about.
In this case I have a few options.  I need to look at fabrics and threads and see what I have which will help narrow down the prospects.  (I am also itching to place an order at my favorite online needle shop.)

It is pouring rain so photographing is a challenge.  The flash reflects off the pattern.

I liked this one so much I bought it twice.

If I got this one when it was new then I've had it for 11 years.  Think it's time I stitched it?

A bit younger at 7 years old I pulled out this little cutie.

Finally, another seasonally appropriate piece by Sam Sarah.  While this has a date of 2005 I know I did not buy it when it was first out.  It has still been languishing in my stash for a few years, though.

In the next day or two I will see what supplies I have on hand then I'll know what I'm stitching next.

The days are passing fast.  With just 3 days (really 3 sleeps since today is half over) I hope everyone is ready.



  1. I was just putting my 2016 basket of goals together the other night wondering if anyone else does it too! I put a list of them in the page of my journal at the start of the year saying these are what I wish and hope to finish by year end. It feels really good to check them off the list when done. I found I got more accomplished this year because it was fun checking it off. Sometimes the ones left get moved to the next year and sometimes they go back in the cabinet for later.

  2. Love what you are planning on stitching.
    I have been sorting a few charts out too, first time i have kitted a couple up for over the holidays, although i'm always thinking about what i would like to do!

    Have a great Christmas x

  3. Looks like some nice things will be springing from your needle in 2016, Pam! I am very bad at planning ahead... just need to stitch whatever calls to me at the time.