Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17.

Our second full day of touring included a stop in Regensburg, Germany.  We walked and toured and shopped a bit in their Christmas market.  We lunched at the market and opted to walk to our next stop...The Thurn and Taxis Palace...instead of returning to the boat to take the bus.

The Thurn and Taxis Palace is a private home open to the public for tours.  Of course, we did not see the private residences but what a place to call home!  The abbreviated story is that the 'home' was given to the founder of the postal system in the 1600's.

On the grounds of the Palace is a private Christmas market.  While there were no photos allowed inside the palace we could take pictures outside.

As we walked down the path along the side of the house there were lit torches guiding the way.

This market had so much charm.  The greens and lights were plentiful.

Even the warming hut was atmospheric. The mild drizzle kept anyone from actually sitting around the fire, though.  Everyone is inside under cover.

Here is a view of the back of the palace with some of the market booths close to the building.

I think this was my favorite market just for the atmosphere.  I don't think I bought much of anything but the ambiance was lovely.

8 days to go.


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  1. How pretty this market looks--just love the way the lighting is done. But, boy, it looks cold--everyone looks quite bundled up! How did your Keen shoes work out, Pam? I loved mine for hiking in Argentina!