Monday, December 7, 2015

Home again.

There's no place like home, that's for sure.

We arrived home and went to bed after being up for just shy of 24 hours.

Even as tired as that, I was up at 4 AM.  Looks like I will need a few days to adjust.

In a quick count down post I am featuring the ornaments my husband bought at various Christmas markets along the way and gave me for my birthday.

Knowing I like snowmen he kept to that theme.

Gingerbread ornaments are common in Germany.  The owner of a shop we visited said they'd last for years.

I never saw this little porcelain cutie.  Bet I would have liked other ornaments at that vendor.

Every Christmas market featured a booth with wooden ornaments like this.  They are very thin and can be quite ornate.

Glass ornaments are also very common.  But, what I never saw were balls like this...

They were painted from the inside.

This is the same ornament...front and back.

This jolly snowman is hand painted, too.

I am looking forward to adorning my tree with all these new snowman ornaments.

18 days to go.



  1. Wow! A fantastic assortment. I really love the glass ball painted on the inside.

  2. How many ornaments did you end up buying? These are all so cute. Like Vickie, I'm fascinated by the painting inside the glass ball.