Saturday, December 5, 2015

Count down continues.

Day 5 of the count down with 20 days to go. 

In the parody song about the 12 Pains of Christmas day 4 includes Christmas cards. Since my birthday was the focus of day 4 I'll cover the topic on day 5.

They are not a pain to receive but when your mostly done pile looks like this...

...pain is what you're starting to experience.  Hand pain.

One of my holiday jobs is to make sure all the company employees get a personal card.  This year the list tops out at 112.  That's the highest yet. 

A nice feature of working so hard to get my jobs done before going away is that I will come home to all of these completed cards.  Phew.


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  1. That is a lot! At least you have nice return address labels.