Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve eve.

Did you call December 23rd that when you were kids?

I am hoping to be done with prep work in the next hour.  Not counting kitchen work, of course.  I am cooking more than I normally do on Christmas.  Since we were not home to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner I will be making turkey with all the sides.

On the sewing front I have two quilts to show.  Both are my absolute favorites....  Quilts are like kids, right?  You can have lots of favorites.

Both quilts are patriotic so out of season right now but that hardly matters.

This past summer I ran across this pattern called Scrap Jar Stars on this blog.  I have her book: Vintage Vibe and there are a bunch of quilts in there I'd like to make.  Anyhow, this summer's post was about making the Scrap Jar Stars with patriotic scraps and since I have patriotic scraps and like scrappy quilts it was the right pattern for me.

OMG!!!!  There is a piece put together wrong!  How did I never notice that?  I mean I have looked at and touched every inch of this quilt again and again!  Well. What can I say?  Do you see?  I seriously JUST NOTICED.  There is no changing that now.

And, there it is again.  Geesh.  I will always notice that now.

I tried a Baptist Fan pattern for the quilting.  It came out so much better than my first Baptist Fan quilt which I will not dredge up right now.


This is Faithful using Minick and Simpson's Polka Dots and Paisley line.  The fabric and pattern is included in Moda's 2nd Frivols. I am on The Fat Quarter's Shop's auto plan for these.

Constructing this quilt gave me fits but I can't say if it was operator error or something else.

In the end, I just love it.  Love the irregular borders.  Love how it looks quilted.  Love the wee little Baptist fan quilt pattern.

Even though it's patriotic, I hung it on my little rocking chair.  My little rocking chair was under the Christmas tree when I was just 4 years old. I remember sitting in it while watching Captain Kangaroo when I was little.  Did anyone else have nightmares about Mr. Green Jeans when he played the little person behind a screen?  My 4 year old mind could not make sense of that.  I also remember while babysitting my little sister, who was 1 at the time, letting her rock while on her knees backwards when it tipped over and she hit her face on my dresser.  Her front tooth took a chip out of the front of the dresser.  Lesson learned.  Sorry Sarah. Anyhow, my little rocking chair has been glued and re-glued and is still holding up.

Only 2 days!  1 1/2 really.  Still no news on which cross stitch I will be starting.  I have not had time to look through my supplies.

Happy Christmas Eve eve.



  1. I've looked and looked and don't see the error in your pretty quilt, Pam! Probably a quilter would pick it out easily, but not me!

    Loved reading about your tiny rocking chair memories. Me? I was always majorly creeped out by Captain Kangaroo himself with that strange haircut :)

  2. the quilts are so pretty. I hardly remember captain kangaroo, I guess that is a good thing. Merry Christmas

  3. So would that tiny square be called "hanging from a star"? That is precious! As if some little person reached in and said, "I think it would look better like this!" It is beautiful!!