Monday, December 14, 2015

We're in the teens.

I always think the rest of a month races past once we are in the teens. In this case we are only counting to 25 so we really are closing in on the big day.

With the bulk of the major work done I should be able to focus on posts about Christmas and, of course, sewing.  I have finally found a few minutes to work on a project or two.  I even have a couple projects that I never photographed.

In the mean time, Cooper would like to become one with the Christmas tree

and Murphy stuck his head in a bag of tortilla chips then turned it completely upside down on himself. We laughed so hard we almost fell over.

He doesn't get what's so funny.  After all he had chips and no one else did.  While we couldn't catch our breath he was crunching away.

Only 11 more days.


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