Friday, December 18, 2015

Gingerbread in Passau

One of the nicest towns we visited in Germany was Passau.  It is situated right on the Danube River so walking in and out of the town was easy.  We were also there for a full day so had lots of time to explore.

One of my favorite stops was at the Cafe Simon where gingerbread has been made for generations. In Germany gingerbread is known as Lebkuchen and is not the sweet cookie that we know.

Passau was so typically European.

Cobblestone streets,

narrow winding roads,

and cool architecture.

A common sight in most European cities is a huge cathedral right in the middle of town.
The Christmas market in Passau was in the courtyard.

I'd love to visit this city again.  I am sure we missed some very interesting things.

In the mean time....7 days!



  1. That looks like such a charming town--I hope you do get back there some day :)