Thursday, December 11, 2014

A little baking.

I love to bake but seldom do it.  With just two of us home there isn't a lot of call for an entire cake or a batch of cookies.  

However, part of the fun of holiday prep is baking our family favorites.  I will probably have to make two batches of Hershey Kiss cookies and I always bake spritz cookies. Only green Christmas trees but I'll wait until the girls are around so they can do the decorating.  

Yesterday I was looking for a pumpkin cookie recipe when I saw one called Cranberry Drop Cookies.  I found it in this book....

Since cranberries are one of my favorite fall ingredients I gave the recipe a try this morning.  

My cranberries came from the freezer so it sounded like I was chopping up marbles when I put them in the food processor.  

I have 5 trays so I can almost scoop an entire batch and just pull pans in and out of the oven.

They sure look festive with the bright red cranberries.   They are so tasty, too, and not real sweet.


The recipe made about 8 dozen.  I will certainly highlight this recipe for future use.

Only 14 days...


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  1. Great looking cookies for this time of year--I'll have to check and see if the library has that book... (Yep, just checked--we do! Do you recommend any other recipes in it?)