Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand Illusion update.

Clue #2 took a very long time.  I didn't finish it until Friday afternoon, hours after clue 3 was released. 

Wonder why it took me so long...

I mean I had one on one help like this.

I even discovered errors before I'd finished sewing them so I only had to rip out a few stitches.

I did manage to finish all 200 units and started clue 3 on Friday.

Like is the link on Bonnie's blog where you can check out every one's link-up. 

And here is the start of my clue 3 block.

Just 120 units this round. 

Since taking the picture I did finish all 120 blocks.  Now I can work on a little something else while I wait for the next clue on Friday.  Bonnie said she thought the next 2 clues would be a little less work.

10 days....although since it's already evening it's more like 9 1/2.



  1. Lovely greens! Your cat is keeping a very close eye on your progress.

  2. Great job keeping up and catching that frog stitching halfway through!

  3. Does your kitty ever try to stick his paws under the needle when it is going up and down? He looks like a very patient helper to me :)