Friday, December 5, 2014

Countdown 2014 continues.

 Day 5....

Coming up with quick and easy gift ideas shouldn't be hard given all the search options available today.  This time of year every magazine features quick ideas and websites like Pinterest are over-flowing with ideas. 

I am sure this idea is out there but I created one of these years ago and while digging around for an idea for my quilt guild Christmas give-a-way I saw the one I'd made and decided I had just the right fabric.

I had a pile of fabric left over from my In From the Cold quilt that I wanted to use together in a project.  Mostly I don't mind putting left over bits and pieces into the scrap bin but these work so nicely together I didn't think they were ready to get lost in a scrap project.

I don't have a specific pattern for these.  I just sandwiched 10 inch squares of backing and batting then started quilting as-you-go by sewing down strips.  The first strip just gets pinned in place with each additional strip anchors the edge of the previous strip. I just trimmed them down to whatever size worked and put a simple binding around the edges.  For the very last one (the left hand one in the first picture) I pieced the strips which gave a scrappier look.  (I used insul-bright plus a layer of regular batting for added heat resistance.) 

The first two I made are already packaged up and ready for the exchange but I kept making them until I didn't have any bits and pieces left.  I will keep one or two and share the rest with my fellow quilt guild committee members. 

20 days and counting...



  1. They look so colourful and Chrismassy!

  2. They are so cute, Pam, and a great way to use up leftover fabrics. I just love love that cute cookie sheet grabber that you made for us at the retreat--it's almost too pretty to use!