Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's happened again.

Another birthday has rolled around. 

Rarely do I 'need' anything but every now and again there is something I really 'should' have.  (It's all relative, I know.)

Finally I had to agree with my husband and relent to a new computer.  In general, I can do whatever I need to on my current computer but when the bank won't let me access my accounts to use all the various online features I guess I have to throw in the towel. 

I've wised up, however, and won't let my husband do the choosing.  My last two laptops were Christmas gifts. 

This year I went shopping and tested various laptops. 

In the's not the actual laptop that is making the difference.  It is the adjustment from Windows 7 to Windows 8.  You'd think I was going from 7 to 108. There are that many differences. 

This is me in the wee hours of the morning reading my email in the dark.  Isn't the screen pretty?  One of the first things I figured out was how to change the wallpaper.  Just like blog backgrounds, I like them to be seasonal.

Really, take my advice, don't skimp on the touch screen.  Those apps just cry out to be touched.

I need to add an instruction manual to my Christmas wish list.  I am still going back to my old computer to do things I'm just not ready to downloading pictures.  Baby steps.

21 days and counting! 



  1. haha! That is just how I am with computers, baby steps!

  2. Happy Birthday, Pam! Hope that computer gets easier--I've heard very mixed reactions to Windows 8! That touch screen looks fabulous, though...