Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why my halls aren't decked.

When my kids were very small decorating for Christmas was limited to items they either couldn't reach or couldn't hurt.  The lower half of the tree would be decorated with unbreakable ornaments and ornaments made by the kids. Very soon after the holiday was over I'd pack everything up and put it away for another year.  It was a lot of work maintaining a decorated house with little kids.

We are years past that phase but now we have this guy.

Cooper is one playful boy.  He is a live wire that never stops moving. 

Remember this snowman from just a week ago?  He holds the extra candies that usually hang on our Advent calendar.

The other day I was reading my email in the dark of early morning when Cooper jumped up on the counter and grabbed something and ran away.    Upon further investigation I found this on the floor and

this hiding under the bed.  I suspect this isn't his first act of petit larceny. I just haven't found his stash yet.

I just have to wonder what I'm in for when a tree comes into the house.

18 days and counting.



  1. ha! Yes, you and my mother. They have an 8 month old, wild kitten. Good luck!

  2. What a mischievous cat--be careful not to slip on any other missing candies he's run off with :)