Thursday, December 18, 2014

More baking.

I've been holding off on baking our favorite holiday cookies until Buttercup was on hand to open all the Hershey kisses.  Not my favorite part. 

We made two batches.

The kitchen was over run with trays and cookies. 

Half went into the freezer.

But a few, along with some from the freezer, went into a tin for a friend of Buttercup's.  She came home from school to find her parents enjoying a new vegan, vegetarian, all natural, whole grain type diet.  Poor kid was missing a few familiar tastes and was envious of Buttercup's assigned wrapper removing job.  

I feel like there is no nicer way to spend a cold December afternoon.

One week!  Seven days.  Time to turn my focus to menu planning.



  1. I cannot imagine a life without cookies and yummies!!

  2. Oh, what are those people thinking--and right before Christmas! Good for you for giving your daughter's friend a dose of homebaked goodness :)