Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A project update.

Back in August I showed a quilt I'd made in the summer. 

'In From the Cold' by Kate Spain.

I loved making this quilt so much that my quilt guild decided to do it as a block of the month.  Since I'm on the program committee I am in charge.

I wanted my second 'In From The Cold' quilt to be something other than Christmas.  I had some nautical fabric and decided to use that as my inspiration.

Each month I make the following month's block to show at our meeting.  So far I've made 5 blocks but I haven't shown a single one here.  Shame on me.

Here are all five lines up like they would appear in the quilt.


I had a paper pieced pattern for a sailboat I used in place of the wreath.

Even though I pointed out to the ladies that they could put anything in place of those itty bitty pinwheels I still couldn't resist making them.  I had all the reds in my scrap therapy box. having that box of squares to dig through when I need just a little something.

Here is my inspiration for the mugs.

I need to make January and February's blocks by January 5th so I really should pull that project out but there are just so many other tasks this time of year.  I sure hope I don't regret not working further ahead come January 5. 

Oh boy.  8 days.



  1. I am new to your blog and love your quilted pieces as well as cross stitch. Your 'In From the Cold' quilt is adorable! I would have my checkbook in hand ready to purchase if I ran across that. :-)

  2. Omigoodness!!!! Those are sooo cute!!!!

  3. Really enjoying this new color palette for the cups and mugs, Pam--great idea!