Monday, December 22, 2014

Link-up Monday

It's Monday again already.  This time I'm finished with my Grand Illusions Clue in plenty of time for the link up on Bonnie's blog. 

True to her word, Bonnie went easy on us.  We had to make 80 broken dish blocks but the aqua/pink half square triangles were left overs from clue one so that part was already done.  

With just a quick glance it looks like these blocks are all the same but they're not.  It took a bit of attention to detail to make 40 one way and the next 40 a bit differently.

My two piles on the left are assembled a little differently than the 2 piles on the right.

I swung my piles around so that the aqua started to look like star points.  Who knows if that will be how it works in the end, though.

3 days left.  The grocery store was a mob-fest.  I will do the real shopping tomorrow but much earlier than my noon-time errand today.



  1. I like your color blocks, and I like the way you lay them out w/ the aqua star points! I also like your Christmas wallpaper.

  2. Looking good, Pam! Good luck at the grocery store--I plan on stopping by after work tonight at 9PM (the stores are nearly empty then :)