Monday, December 8, 2014

I made it!

I finished enough of Bonnie Hunter's second clue in the Grand Illusions mystery to create a post and link up to her blog.  Check out everyone's progress here.    I always enjoy seeing how other blocks turn out.  Not everyone uses the color choices suggested by Bonnie. 

First I had to thoroughly read the directions.  There were a few options for making this unit.  

I almost never opt for the option that uses templates...although this one felt more like a road map or reminder for where to place the Easy Angle ruler on the fabric.

 Cut 200 diamonds.

Then combine them with 200 pink triangles and 200 black triangles. 

I don't know the name of that candy...the kind that is pink, white, and black and tastes of coconut but that's what these remind me of.

My thread eating kitty wondered in and thought he could get away with nibbling the thread on the sewing machine.

Alright then, I'll check your fabric for loose ends.

Pairing up units will be the 'fun' part.  Matching points that are formed with seams on an angle is always a challenge for me.

10 done.  90 to go. 

My other helper cat found an unattended quilt.

Looking forward to the next step on Friday.

17 days....



  1. I see your cats are as helpful as mine. And your units look much better, think I will switch to the template method

  2. Pretty! Oh, I Love your Kitties! they are Beautiful. My Morgan has a habit of sitting on my fabrics as I'm working...
    Debra in Ma.

  3. Love it! That is exactly what I thought immediately, those candies.

  4. That pink/cream/black combination looks so good!

  5. I'm continually amazed at the number of projects you have going, Pam!! And what a great looking sewing machine!