Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

Already?  Just kidding.  Tired yet? 

While yesterday should have netted me a completed piece, it was my ill conceived idea of working 1 over 1 that sank that ship.  After 2 hours this was all I had.....(on the right)..... Sorry, no pressing this morning.  Every time I plug that thing in I end up ironing whatever clean stuff is waiting and this morning I'm not ironing! 

While the little waves were cute, the rest looked like sad little blobs of thread.  1 over 1 ISN'T for me.  It takes just as long to pick out 2 little itty bitty stitches as it does to put 10 regular (2 over 2) stitches in.  Ugh.  Luckily there were 2 cuts of fabric in this kit.  I started over.  If' I could recapture those 2 hours (ha ha, I said recapture.... can you tell I'm an accountant??)  I would have finished this.  I made one change so far... it's called Blue Moon so, naturally, the moon is supposed to be blue, but I thought I'd like it to be a sunny picture so I made the moon into a yellow sun. 

Today, my first course of business is to drive about 45 minutes to the shop where I get my framing done. I am taking this pile of lovelies in for framing.  She does such fabulous framing.  Then I'm going to put my blinders on and WALK OUT THE DOOR..... after buying some new needles..... BUT that's it.  I swear.  

For today, once I'm home without buying anything, I'm going to start this cute little summer piece. 

Honestly, quit laughing.... I really intend to not buy anything. 


  1. I may be holding back a laugh, but I'm definitely smiling! I can't wait to see your framing - especially the Jenny Bean Gingerbread piece.

    Oh, and if your blinders really work, would you mind sending me a pair?

  2. Frogging over one is the absolute pits!!! What a wonderful treat to have your stitchings framed. I will look fabulous!

  3. I'm with you on the over one stitching. It's not for me either. It's going to be so cute when it's finished. Just needles, huh? If you are able to do that, you have much more willpower than I will ever have. :) Can't wait to see your finishes all framed!!

  4. I too am with you about stitching 1 over 1. I have tried it twice recently and given up both times. I don't think I'll be trying it again any time soon - if ever!

  5. Wow, I wonder what your framing bill will be!! Can't wait to see them all framed--you're lucky to have a framer you trust nearby. (Maybe it would be worth a trip to visit my brother and drop CatHRH off?)

    You know I love my over one stitching, but on nothing higher than 28 ct. And frogging is the worst!

    You're doing great on the 15 day challenge, Pam--you're almost there :)